• Standard Tapered Type Mandrels for Cartridge Rolls

    Mandrels are cataloged in various styles for multiple applications. Our Mandrels are used for mounting various types of abrasive products and finishing wheels. Designs include optional “quick change” styles which allow the mounted wheel be changed quickly without disassembly or additional tools.

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  • Flat Head Arbors

    Along with our Winding Arbors used for manufacturing cartridge rolls, we also catalog a large number of Motor and Grinder Shaft Arbors with either a machined or stamped washer design. These Motor arbors are used for mounting various abrasive wheels and is secured to smooth shafts with socket set screws

  • Drill Center Kit for Dowel & Tenon

    Drill Centers have both an external and internal marking point for exact drilling location. Manufactured from steel with a zinc-plated finish, drill centers provide precision alignment of dowels and tenon joints.

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  • Quick Lock Type Rubber Expansion Sanding Drum with Shank

    Rubber expanding drums are ideal for mounting abrasive spiral bands. Spiral bands are secured on the drum by controlled expansion of the solid rubber drum spindle. The rubber provides a cushion backing to assure a smooth, even finish. Rubber expanding drums are available in Screw Lock, Nut Lock or Quick Lock design. Shaft Mount design is mounted to the shaft with two socket set screws.

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  • 667-New

    Rubber expanding drum kits feature an assortment of our most popular drum sizes with a fine, medium and coarse grit for each drum size. These kits are available with the Standard Nut Lock drum style or the Deluxe Quick Lock drum style.

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  • Spiral Coated Abrasive Sanding Sleeve

    Sanding sleeves are abrasive spiral bands with resin-bond aluminum oxide and a hard cloth back. Ideal for sanding and polishing curves, corners, flat and irregular surfaces of all types of materials. These spiral bands are designed for used on our solid rubber expanding drums. Available in 36, 50, 80 and 120 grit.

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